Phillipe The Sixth

We are in a decisive hours for the reign of the young Philipe The Sixth. So far Phillipe had to deal with the poisoned inheritance of the father, cases of corruption and a popular support in retreat; Now it is necessary to add the facts of October 1st: a region has been declared insubstantial to the monarchist authority and the attempt to choke this uprising by means of the force has not obtained the expected effect. It is here when the think tank of the monarchy urgently reunites to write the most important discourse of the king's career. The board of creative has a very dilated experience over the centuries when writing speeches for leading-edge political figures. This time, though, the elaboration of the discourse will find more obstacles than usual. Will they be able to agree to consensus a discourse that saves the current crown? Or is it that monarchies do not know how to move forward without leaving a blood ring in their path?


Laminimal. Teatre Sistèmic.