Pica i Fuig!

*Developed as a part of Bisdixit team in Barcelona*


The frenetic pace of the city. Lack of time combined with the wish to do many things. With the ongoing hope of having a free day to go out and stroll around the area; or go to the town festival and have supper with friends and neighbours out in the squares.
Pica i Fuig! The game of ringing someone’s doorbell and quickly running away. A simple action that unleashes unexpected results. This year we’ve been playing again in the streets, we’ve been having fun going out of the city centre, meeting up in squares to chat and get to know people with whom we share more than we would have thought. We have put into practice what we will say and how we will think.
The 2014 programme of the Sala d’Art Jove was based on a process of continuous dissemination of workshops, fanzines, events, actions, meetings and even some exhibitions. It took place in different spaces between May and December 2014.


Curatorial team: Inés Jover i Clàudia Segura (col·lectiu de vuelta y vuelta), Irina Mutt, i Elle Flâne.


Artists: Caterina Almirall, Miguel Ayesa, Joan Bennassar Cerdà, Antònia del Rio, Enric Farrés, Miquel Garcia, Ariadna Guiteras, Laura Llaneli, Joana Llauradó, Consol Llupià, Javier Martin Llavaneras, Harley Martínez, Daniel Moreno, Clàudia Pagès, Pablo P. Becerra, Juan Martín Rico, Luca Rullo, Marta Van Tartwijk, Irene Visa.


3 zines
16 pages
Rotary printing press
45gr press paper
Printed in Rotimpres, Girona


Sala d'Art Jove, Barcelona