TMB. Projectes, Mirades i Somnis

*Developed as a part of Bisdixit team in Barcelona*

The aim of this Annual report was to transmit the social role of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Barcelona in a visually appealing and easy understandable way. Part of the photographic content was selected from Flickr in order to get fresh, daily and a spontaneous vision of commuters, tourists‚ and users of the Barcelona Public Transportation. This Flickr material is presented at the end of the book, Japanese binded, together with a series of short stories written by its users themselves. The Japanese binding was used to “hide” the statistic technical data and corporative information. The reader has to break the micro-perforated pages in order to discover this information. The result: a report made by and for the citizens of Barcelona.


Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona




Art Directors Club, New York — Bronze on Annual Report
Laus Awards 2010 — Gold on Annual Report
Daniel Gil Editorial Awards — Gold on Annual Report