TMB. Projectes, Mirades i Somnis

*Developed as a part of Bisdixit team in Barcelona*

The aim of this Annual report was to transmit the social role of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Barcelona in a visually appealing and easy understandable way. Part of the photographic content was selected from Flickr in order to get fresh, daily and a spontaneous vision of commuters, tourists‚ and users of the Barcelona Public Transportation. This Flickr material is presented at the end of the book, Japanese binded, together with a series of short stories written by its users themselves. The Japanese binding was used to “hide” the statistic technical data and corporative information. The reader has to break the micro-perforated pages in order to discover this information. The result: a report made by and for the citizens of Barcelona.




Art Directors Club, New York. Bronze on Annual Report
Laus 2010. Gold on Annual Report
Premios Visual, Madrid. Gold on Annual Report