Notes sur l'Émigration

*Developed as a part of Bisdixit team in Barcelona*


Notes sur l' émigration - Notes for an invisible film is an audiovisual research of the director Luis E. Parés about Notes sur la émigration - Espagne 1960 (1960), the first film of Jacinto Esteva Grewe (Barcelona, 1936-1985) in collaboration with Paolo Brunatto (Parigi, 1935 - Morolo, 2010). Both directors sought with this documentary project a portrait of the Spanish emigration that occurred at that time in different European countries, although its premiere in Milan in February 1961 was interrupted by a strange incident that resulted in the theft by Italian fascist groups of the coils of the film, which has remained virtually disappeared until today.


Softcover (+ dust jacket)
100 pages
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Dust Jacket: Cromolux 90gr
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