Los Sujetos/The Subjects

*Developed as a part of Bisdixit team in Barcelona*


Identity, exhibition signane and publication for "Los Sujetos/The Subjects", the project curated by Martí Manen for the Spanish Pavilion on the 56ª Bienal de Venecia 2015.

The artists Cabello/Carceller, Francesc Ruiz and Pepo Salazar, under the guiding light of Salvador Dalí, will serve up the main course in the Spanish Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. The curator Martí Manen presents a group project where Dalí will be present as a subject, though not represented by his work. The show reinterprets and repositions Dalí from a contemporary perspective, channelled through the voices of Cabello/Carceller, Francesc Ruiz and Pepo Salazar.


Softcover + dust jacket (3 different designs)
15,5 x 23 cm

256 pages
Cover: Munken Linx 350 gr
Dust Jacket: Munken Linx 100 gr
Interior: Munken Linx 120 gr / Novatech 150 gr
Printed in Brizzolis