Loreak Identity — SS18 Campaign

*Project made with Pensando en Blanco*


A virtual journey within an to other random places.


Our journey is about using the mind to visit imaginary places and times to come —so we created a collection to map images and textures evoking an unknown, uncontrolled future that can only exist within the boundaries that separate reality from fiction. Aerial sights of mountains and rivers reveal undetermined shapes that remind us of where our dreams take place; when meandering in fictional cities we stumble on unknown textures that ignite our imagination; as we move we gather colors and sensations that enrich our creative power leading us to create future sci-fi like atmospheres.


Creative Direction 
Pensando en blanco

Art Direction
Borja Garmendia, Carles Murillo

Graphic Design
Carles Murillo, Borja Garmendia

Iker Basterretxea

Production Manager 
Nikola Susaeta






Laus Awards 2019. Silver on Editorial — Catalogue