Loreak Identity — FW17 Campaign

*Project made with Pensando en Blanco*


FW17 Loreak's campaign: Aperture.


About a beginning, land, roots, stones, nature, emptiness and freedom.



There’s more to make the quarry our point of departure: there’s the rush you feel when exposed to the sensation of the unexpected that only the vastness of nature can provide, and there’s the anticipation of embarking in a new adventure. And then, the almost meditative nature of this ever-mutating place draws attention away from the ornamental character of the piece of marble and makes the process more valuable than any possible outcome. It is the journey that matters because it is what gives us joy and gives us insight. It is the journey that brings us closer to being happy with life’s simplest things: raw beauty, the harmony in nature, human relations, a breathtaking landscape.


Special thanks to Marquina Black Marble Quarry (Bizkaia, Basque Country).


Creative Direction
Pensando en blanco

Art Direction
Borja Garmendia, Carles Murillo

Graphic Design
Carles Murillo, Borja Garmendia

Iker Basterretxea

Production Manager
Nikola Susaeta







Laus Awards 2018. Bronze on Graphic Communication — Integrated Graphics