Loreak Identity

We worked with Pensando en Blanco as creative and art directors composing a 360º identity and entire visual universe for the new stage of the mythic basque fashion brand Loreak Mendian. We began by suggesting a shortened name (from Loreak Mendian to Loreak), and then we designed the logotype and created a graphic language, the general mood and specific layouts, the website and several complementary communication pieces.

We wanted both to show change and to enhance the brand’s long trajectory by taking its image towards more contemporary and sophisticated aesthetics and by defining its personality with roots and brutalism, as well as layouts with protagonist white areas.

The logo was tailor-made parting from a humanist-structured typography which was then slightly modified to become a subtle and delicate reflection of the Basque Country’s cultural roots. “Looking into the future/looking ahead without forgetting who we are and where we come from”.


Art Director
Borja Garmendia, Carles Murillo
Graphic Design
Carles Murillo, Borja Garmendia
Creative Direction
Pensando en blanco
Typography (logo)
Iñigo Jerez (Extra!)
Iker Basterretxea
Production Manager
Nikola Susaeta







Laus Awards 2018. Bronze on Tipography — Lettering