Danube Revisited

*Project made with Eloi Gimeno*

Danube Revisited – The Inge Morath Truck Project, is a photographic road trip along the Danube and a travelling exhibition of the work of renowned Magnum photographer Inge Morath, inside a converted 7.5T truck. The exhibition of her work from the Danube will make its way back along the river, accompanied by eight female photographers who will produce new work along the way and promote the power and potential of photography through night projections, artist talks, photo forums and engaging in cultural exchange with institutions and organizations along the route.

The participating photographers are all recipients of the grant given annually in Morath's name, by the members of Magnum Photo Agency. Approaching their shared subject as a collective, they hope to discover for themselves the region that meant so much to Inge Morath throughout her life, the River itself becoming a metaphor for the kind of long-term, sustained international projects to which they have devoted their careers.

A core motivation for each of these women is to support the under-represented female voice in documentary photography. As such they have created a project that is for women, by women, and in the legacy of a pioneering woman. In line with this vision, Danube Revisited is offering female photographers in the Danube region special exhibition and publishing opportunities as a part of the project.


Fundación Telefónica / Danube Revisited Project