Assaig sobre la Fatiga

*Developed as a part of Bisdixit team in Barcelona*

Identity and serie of booklets for the exhibition 'General Indisposition. An Essay About Fatigue', curated by Martí Peran and celebrated at Fabra i Coats — Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona.

Curatorial text:

If industrial capitalism produced commodity with exchange value and the post-Fordist capitalism shifted to the production of subjectivity, today goodwill focuses on self-production of identity. Has imposed the logic of the subject of self-exploitation. The rhetoric of entrepreneurship and ideological advertising is unequivocal: Do it Yourself; I am What I am. This new production slogan - ask yourself - causing widespread nerve hyperactivity. Every moment we are under an obligation to take countless small decisions at all (labor, emotional, social, ..) areas have become the new workforce: no overarching nothing and ensure the profit generated by the constant action the in-stillness. The subject has been confused with the incessant movement their own alienation.

Overactive life is the paradigm of poverty of experience as leading to a deficit over: we have many experiences but most are banal. The result has been recognized under different headings: Nuda Vida (G.Agamben) Damaged Life (S. Lopez Petit), Fatigue Society (B.Ch. Han), Corrosion of Character (R. Sennett), Factory Unhappiness (F. Berardi), Depressive Society (A. Ehrenberg), ... fatigue, pain of self-exploitation, thus becomes inevitable. But instead of representing a pathological condition that must be corrected in order to return to the senseless spiral of production, fatigue may represent an opportunity for the awakening of consciousness; the turning point from which an emancipatory process starts. Fatigue is the moment of arrest and pause, the moment of "tiredness able" (P.Handke) with starting sabotage. And fatigue becomes - as molecular revolution - at the start of a strike politicizes discomfort.

If in the field of engineering designates the decrease fatigue resistance of materials under repeated in the field of social engineering effort fatigue represents "the claim of the individual body exhausted claiming the right to social break" (R.Bathes). With fatigue, hyperactivity mere production moves in detention. The refusal to produce fatigue remains the emancipatory principle of mis-education; and neutrality lies the promise, still, all the possible diversity. This praise of fatigue, related to the apologies of laziness, of anonymity, disappearance and inaction, took on the horizon of contemporary experience position, turning, who once held the melancholy.

But how do you turn this argument in an exhibition ? How to articulate a position to move this content? These small challenges, typical of a disciplinary field increasingly impoverished day would not involve the question of why make a exhibition?