*Developed as a part of Bisdixit team in Barcelona*

Identity and A5 booklet serie to 'Ouverture', 2012’s programme at the Sala d’Art Jove, that presents exhibitions of the projects selected from the Art Jove 2011 open call. The programme, as an “opera show”, consists of five acts, two interludes and other movements with round table discussions and screenings.

Overture: in music is the term originally applied to the instrumental introduction to an opera. During the early Romantic era, composers such as Beethoven and Mendelssohn began to use the term to refer to independent, self-existing instrumental, programmatic works that presaged genres such as the symphonic poem. These were "at first undoubtedly intended to be played at the head of a programme.


Seven 15x21cm stapled booklets
24 pages each one
Offset print
Different Coloraction papers
Printed in 1 different fluor ink each one
Printed in Gràfiques Trema